My First Impression of Digz Gardening Gloves

My First Impression of Digz Gardening Gloves

Digz Gardening gave me the opportunity to review three pairs of their garden gloves. I’m having fun putting them to work on my homestead!

I’ve used quite a few different gardening gloves over the years to protect my hands while working on homesteading projects. So I was glad to have the chance to try out Digz Gardening gloves ‘firsthand.’

Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves

These are the type of gloves I use the most in my garden. They prevent blisters, keep my hands clean, and protect my skin from cuts and scrapes…you know, typical gardening issues.

The Digz Nitrile Garden Gloves performed as I expected. My first impression is that the fabric and nitrile coating is comparable to their counterparts on the market. Although I didn’t do a great deal of work in my garden while wearing them, they performed well.

The color and design of the fabric are very attractive. Any gardener will enjoy wearing these gloves for their gardening chores.

I’m looking forward to putting these Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves through their paces in the coming gardening season. I fully intend to share an update on my experience.

Duck Canvas Utility Garden Gloves

These were my favorite gloves that Digz Gardening sent for me to review. They are comfortable, the fabric and stitching seem durable, and the palms are padded for extra protection from blisters.

My Duck Canvas Utility Garden gloves will definitely get a workout in the spring. The padded palms will be great for pushing around a wheelbarrow full of mulch or for raking and digging in the garden.

The touchscreen compatible fingertips on these gloves is another nice feature. For a homesteading blogger, it is very convenient to pull my phone out of my pocket, take a quick photo, and put the phone away…without having to take my gloves off! If you use your phone a lot, need to look up gardening info, or snap a pic of an insect for identification, you are sure to be pleased with the touchscreen compatibility of these gloves together with their overall comfort.

I have a lot of heavy-duty projects in store for spring. With all of the homesteading photos I like to take, I know these gloves will be super handy to have. Plus, you can be sure they will really be put to the test!

Rose Picker Garden Gloves

Honestly, I had trouble choosing my favorite pair of gloves from Digz Gardening. These Rose Picker Gardening Gloves came in at a really close second place in my trial!

I don’t have roses but I do have a ton of raspberries growing on my property. And those suckers really do a lot of damage to my hands and wrists! So I decided to put these rose pickers to work helping me clear out some overgrown brambles.

The Rose Picker Garden Gloves are the product that I really put to serious work this fall. And I can definitely say that they lived up to my hopes and expectations.

I donned a pair of these gloves and went to work. It was a tough job of pruning, pulling, and removing excess raspberry canes from my small fruit plantings. I grabbed ahold of the raspberry canes tightly to see if the Rose Picker Garden Gloves would protect my hands. The prickers didn’t punch through! What a pleasant surprise!

There were no cuts, scrapes, punctures or other wounds on my hands or wrists in the process of trying out these gloves! The gloves also protected my wrists and forearms when reaching into the brambles while cutting near the ground.

I’m so happy to have my hands come out completely unscathed after this experiment.

Some rosebushes may have larger thorns than the raspberries I worked with. However, these gloves should do the trick for cutting and picking your roses.

Our homestead has a lot more work to be done in the raspberry bed. So these new gloves are going to be much appreciated!

My Digz Gardening Gloves Will be Put to the Test!

The gloves came in the mail shortly before winter arrived. I haven’t had a lot of time to really put them through their paces.

Here is my first impression of all three pairs of Digz Gardening Gloves. They are well made, sturdy, and comfortable to wear and work in.

Over the next gardening season, I’ll have a much better idea of how well they hold up to the kind of abuse a busy homesteader can put them through. When I’ve done a thorough test on their quality and durability, I’ll be sure to give you an update!

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